Jalawelo designs programs to serve individuals living in high-risk communities in Jamaica.  Motivated by our love for God and for others, we partner with local communities and organizations to find sustainable solutions to social and economic problems in Jamaica.

“Clement is an exceptionally talented strategy consultant. He took the time to listen and carefully read through our internal documents in order to understand the needs and the nuances of our organization and its mission. Throughout the process, his carefully crafted questions helped to guide not only the development of our Strategic Operations Roadmap, but also helped me to carefully think through the next steps we needed to take to align our goals and objectives with our mission. It was such a pleasure working with him!”
Donna Gabbadon, PhD
Executive Director, Jalawelo

The creation of thriving communities in which all members can live lives filled with purpose in their efforts, pride in their accomplishments, and hope for their and their children’s future.

“Clement provided expertise in creating a strategic scorecard for our organization. Even more meaningful, he cared deeply for the work we were doing and brought his years of knowledge and experience to help move us toward our goal.”
Dave Hatfield
Board Member, Founder and Director
Living Stone Global Foundation


Using techniques such as “hands-on learning” and “real-world applicability” Janyaa’s goal is to ignite the passion of learning in underserved children, encourage them to envision greatness in themselves and empower them to achieve it.

“After careful consideration of all the effort and work you have put in to help develop the strategic plan, we feel we are where we need to be from a high‑level structural point of view. Many ideas you have presented in hard copy were also eye-openers for us and one we truly appreciate and are learning from. We felt we received the highest level of professionalism from you throughout the exercise.
Thank you once again for an outstanding partnership!”


Venu Nadella
Janyaa Founder and Director
Email:  venu@janyaa.org

Ben Nagrani
Janyaa Director, Human Relations
Email:  hr@janyaa.org